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  • Company Profile-DAPENG PHARM

    Zhejiang Dapeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

     Zhejiang Dapeng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., located in Chemical Substance Base,Linhai Block,Linhai,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province, is a national designated active drug manufacturer and a national high-tech enterprise with self-supporting  import and export rights.

    ◎ the 6-BA manufacturer in the world. it is widely used in medicine, food,agriculture and other fields.
    ◎ It is an active drug supply manufacturer designated by multinational enterprises to produce regulator with complete categories and high purity.
    ◎ It is one of the main production bases of Yimanlong and Weibaimu, the important products of soil health disinfection.

    Company has always been adhering to the core development concept of "integrity wins the world, science and technology creates the future" and in the new era of green agriculture and quality  agriculture as the theme of development , dapeng pharmaceutical industry is committed to build "Chinas most distinctive quality agricultural control scheme supply platform" brand image, with a focus on make each a product and its application technology development, With sincere hand in hand with each share of agricultural feelings common development, create a harvest joy!

    Understand crops better and lead the fifth management of planting

    • ◎The rigid demand for the moderate scale development of Agriculture
    • ◎Thinking mode of making more production and quality improvement plan
    • ◎Cultivate nuclear weapons with strong customer stickiness value competitiveness

    As we all know, light, air, water, temperature and soil are the five basic factors that affect the yield and quality of agricultural production. Because of the stress and influence of diseases, insects and weeds, "prevention first, comprehensive control" has become the sixth factor.

    Therefore, in order to produce high yield and high quality, we should follow the four good methods of "good seed, good land, good state and good method". As one of the "good laws", the fifth management of planting is a new theory and measure of planting management technology, which is relative to the cultivation technology and its facilities management, the management of improving soil capacity, the scientific nutrition management and the whole process of disease, pest and grass pest control and management in the whole process from planting to harvesting.

    We believe that the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of crops are the result of gene selective expression, but plant hormones can control gene expression. Therefore, the scientific use of plant growth regulators, biostimulants and key nutrients can manage the structure and level of endogenous hormones of crops, manage the balance relationship between roots, leaves, flowers and fruits, control the growth rhythm, reduce the amount and efficiency of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, reduce the labor expenditure, improve the quality and yield of agricultural products, and finally realize the systematic planting of increased planting income The new cultivation measures and plans can be called: the fifth management of cultivation.

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